mechanical services

ENVOKA BUSINESS PVT LTD(EBPL).  provides a gamut of activities covering solutions related to Maintenance Servicing & consultancy of Generator, Compressor, Cranes, Earth Movers, HDD & DBC Machines, AC, SMPS, UPS & all Mechanical, Electronics, Optical, Construction equipment, Hydraulic Machineries, Air Conditioners Domestic & Industrial etc. & OFC Network.

At Envoka, we view each client as part of our team. We provide consistent, reliable mechanical services to every sector and industry, from technology companies to manufacturers, governments and healthcare. Our focus is always on decreasing operating costs, improving energy efficiency, and improving the lifespan of facilities. 

 The gamut of activities covered under this includes :

  • Renovation & Modernisation activities of Boilers.
  • Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Boilers & its Auxiliaries.
  • Design. Engineering, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Balance of Plant (BOP) for Thermal Power Plants.
  • Overhauling/Maintenance of Boilers.
  • Fabrication. Erection. Testing & Commissioning of Process Pipelines (HP & LP).
  • Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Equipment.
  • Fabrication. Erection of Structures including Cladding work.
  • Fabrication & Erection of Steel Chimney.
  • Fabrication. Erection & Commissioning of Tanks & Vessels.
  • Fabrication. Erection. Testing, Commissioning of Electro Static Precipitator.

ENVOKA BUSINESS PVT LTD(EBPL). provides Design and Engineering services in the areas of new and expansion projects for Power Plants, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants and Special Purpose Buildings.
ENVOKA BUSINESS PVT LTD(EBPL).provides technical support using cost effective measures in detail engineering.
ENVOKA BUSINESS PVT LTD(EBPL). provides engineering & design support to High Pressure & Low Pressure process pipeline jobs.
ENVOKA BUSINESS PVT LTD(EBPL). design office is equipped with latest design and drafting software handled by skilled drafting hands and engineers, enabling its manufacturing unit to have a comprehensive capability in design-backed production. 



  • Design Supply, Installation of Central Conditioning , Package air conditioning system
  • Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection Works
  • Air Treatment
  • Heavy Equipment Erection Works
  • Kitchen Hoods , Fresh air ducts & Ventilation System
  • Building Automation & Controls
  • Central Heating System
  • Refrigeration

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