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A project is a one-off, non-repeated activity or set of tasks which achieve clearly stated objectives within a time limit. A project is often about creating something new or just implementing major changes that can be viewed as a complete event. 

All projects are different. The level of complexity differs and the context in which a project exists will affect it. There is no single right way to manage a project. 

 If someone is already doing it better, than you have to do it smarter. 

Then you will probably need a project consultant. 

As Project Management Consultant, ENVOKA provides management services required for smooth implementation of a complex project typically through EPC / LSTK contractors. As PMC, we provide management advice/guidance to clients in defining scope and interfaces of various agencies.

We carry out tendering activities including evaluation/award etc and take full responsibility for the overall co-ordination and integration of responsibilities of all agencies engaged in the implementation of the entire project.

​ENVOKA​ teams focus on the overall ​reviews​, establishing priorities and coordinating activities and participants to ensure quality projects that are delivered safely, on time, and within budget

  • Scope Management

  • Project Planning

  • Project Schedule

  • Cost Management

  • Risk Management

  • Construction Management

  • Site Supervision

  • Contracts & Administration

  • Reporting & Review

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